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Ranbu Escalation
By ~kohsayo
We have obtained the ultimate power
Now, what kind of world will be reflected in our eyes?
Every war leaves behind a seed of conflict
In time, it matures into the fruit of sadness
If you want to run away then just leave this battle
It’s no easy task to make your ideals come true
Everyone chases after the future that they want!
We have obtained the ultimate power
Now, what kind of world will be reflected in our eyes?
To break the stalemate… To rule over all…
…there will be the ultimate escalation
You don’t even notice that you’re being targeted as you hesitate
I will crush you while you’re still a green fruit
I get anxious every time I exceed my limits
Where am I going? What am I going to lose?
There’s no turning back, there’s no stopping, until I win in the end
When the greatest power in the world is unlocked
Where will our fates lead us?
We’re burning with ambition. Our wish will not change
Power Escalation
Everyone has their reason to fight
No one can be stopped
In the beginning it was just like the chaotic warring states
No matter what the power I’ve obtained is
I’ll stay ahead of everyone else. My ideals won’t change
We have obtained the ultimate power
Now, what kind of world will be reflected in our eyes?
To break the stalemate… To rule over all…
…there will be the ultimate escalation
Ranbu Escalation
It's finally here for your enjoyment, the lyrics to Ranbu Escalation. The theme for Gaim's Kiwami Arms and Baron's Lemon Energy Arms. This series was just as good as Agito, possibly even greater. To paraphrase one line from "The Producers" song "'Til Him" there might never be another kamen rider series like Gaim, because this series set the bar pretty high. Sure they could've exploited the lockseed gimmick a bit more by introducing more kinds of fruit and nut based arms, but that's why we have fan fictions. I will say that between Kouta and Kaito, I found Kaito more relateable in terms of personality, and apparently so did a lot of other people given how popular he was among the fans. I also found it ironic since I have the same birthday as the main character.
Here's the rules to follow the instructions:
One. You must post these rules.
Two. Each person has to share ten facts about themselves.
Three. Answer the ten questions from the person who tagged you and make up ten questions for the ten people you tag.
Four. Choose ten people and include them in your journal.
Five. Go to their page and inform that they have been tagged by you.
Six. Not like "You are tagged if you read this".
Seven. You have to legitimately tag ten people.
Eight. No tag backs.
Nine. You can not say that you do not do tags.
Ten. You MUST make a journal (no comments.)

I got tagged by

1. Favorite desires?

Money, anime, manga and video games.

2. Which video game, anime/cartoon, comic series should get it's own movie and hit on the big screen?

Uh, hard to say. If I want to go badass, I'd vouch for a zoids movie, live action or animated.

3. What ticks you off or make your stomach turn?

A lot of things, social justice warriors, people who make "fanmakes", politicians, furries, otherkin, and PETA to name a few.

4. Favorite food?

Meat buns.

5. Your biggest fears or things that creep you out?

Bees. My god.

6. Your favorite activity?

Playing video games, and watching anime.

7. Favorite Music?

Rock, or Metal.

8. What get's you off? (fetish or arousement)

I'll let Optimus Prime answer this one:…

9. The stupidest thing you have done in your entire life?

I don't remember my childhood that well, but I'm going to guess it was when I was a teenager, because all teenagers do something stupid at least once in their lives.

10. On what color of choice do you want your eyes to be?
(Cyan emerald green, Blue, Violate purple/pink, Hazel yellow, Maroon red, multicolored or colorless)

Maroon Red sounds pretty cool.

Questions for the people I tag:

1) What's your favorite anime/cartoon of all time?
2) What anime/cartoon are you watching right now?
3) What's your favorite color?
4) What video game are you hoping to play at some point?
5) What are your thoughts on DeviantArt's admins?
6) Which do you think is better? Original Star Trek, or Star Trek the Next Generation?
7) Which video game company do you think should just crawl into a hole and die?
8) Which video game franchise would like to see make a come back?
9) What song best describes you?
10) What are your thoughts about the Tumblr community?

The unfortunate people who have been tagged are:



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